Friday, May 23, 2014

Quick takes!

Wow, it has been FOREVER since I have posted something on here! I have been keeping up with the blogs I follow, but just haven't had the time, nor maybe the motivation to post. Things have been extra crazy of late!

For starters, I just moved into an apartment! Well technically it is the top floor of a house, but it's so great. It is in Pittsburgh's "little Italy", which is perfect for me since I love all things Italian. I'm still in the process of moving everything in though which is taking forever since I am working full time, and weekends have been swamped. However, I am 5 minutes from work which has been absolutely glorious.

 My 3 friends from high school and I took a trip to Nashville a couple weeks ago for a long weekend away. I am now a country convert ;)
The girl in the cowboy hat is getting married! 

My parish carnival has been all this week! Bring on the donuts, carnival rides, and good times! I have been spending my evenings volunteering in the french fry/lemonade booth, the fish bowl game, and icing donuts. It is always crazy, but I wouldn't miss it for the world!
calm before the chaos 

I just signed on as an independent consultant for Arbonne International! If you don't know, Arbonne is an awesome health and wellness company, with products made from all natural, organic, vegan ingredients. Products ranging from cosmetics to hair care to nutritional and diet supplements. It is seriously good stuff and I am so excited to be on the team and share this greatness with others! And I get to be spoiled by a lot of their products as well ;) Just tried one of their shampoos last night and it is magical, seriously.

Well it is memorial day weekend! Just wanted to give a shout-out of gratitude to all those who have served/are serving our country. You are all amazing! And thank you as well to any families who have loved ones overseas. Your sacrifice is just as great. God bless you all!

The weather has been SO GOOD lately. Can't wait to have a nice long weekend and enjoy some sunshine! Happy Friday everyone! And happy 14th birthday tomorrow to my sister, Frannie!

There she is in the middle to the right of my head haha. Making lemonade at the carnival! 

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