Tuesday, July 27, 2010

In the pursuit of happiness

My purpose for this blog is that I am in the pursuit of happiness. We all are, whether we think we are or not. I am not saying that through the creation of a blog I will find happiness, but rather in the way I am able to express myself to others. Maybe through this though we can all find happiness in each other. I will try not to vent too much, just say what is on my mind and clear my head for once. There are so many things jumbled in my brain right now that it is hard to stay focused on what I need to do every day. Hopefully this will help me to make sense of it all! There is just something satisfying about publishing a post and seeing it all come together on your screen. It gives a sense of purpose and accomplishment! As for now, pursue happiness. Make an effort to wave at a stranger, give a forgotten friend a call, clean up your messes, wash behind your ears, and always begin and end each day with a smile :)