Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Child-like faith

Time for some really adorable sibling stories!

My little brother JP is probably the most adorable little guy ever. I know, I am biased. But I've been told this on a regular basis by everyone else, so it's probably true ;)

However, more than just being cute, he unknowingly calls me on in my faith on a regular basis. Jesus really knew what He was talking about when He said that we need to have the faith of a child. Here is one example:
The other day, JP had a huge splinter in his hand and was freaking out as I was about to start removing it. Through his tears he said "Hold on, just give me a minute to pray to God first." He ran to the couch and prayed and came back and said "ok, now I'm ready."
Talk about a great reminder to pray in the midst of trials, and we will be given strength!

Another great example:
I got home from work the other day, and JP ran over to me saying "Maggie! I just want to hug you! I love you, I love you! But I don't love you the most, because I love God the most".
And then proceeded to yell "I love you" to the sky because he was telling God he loves him. Heart puddle. 
If only we all had such unreserved expression of love for our Creator....

Little man also had his first Confession last night, so he is a holy roller ;)

And example number 3:
My 12 year old sister, Rachel, asked me a couple days ago if I was planning on going to 6:30 mass this morning (Wednesday). In my head I'm going Um...wasn't planning on it... but I should probably go.... snap....  So I told her "maybe". Why did she want to know? Because she wanted me to take her to mass. At 6:30. Before school. How can I say no to that? 
Needless to say, that was plenty of motivation to get my butt out to the car and to church this morning before the sun even came up. (Thank you, daylight savings).

I hope that these little examples of child-like faith inspire you as much as they do me! There is always something to be learned from His little ones. We only need to take the time and the humility to allow them to teach us.

Maybe lent is a good time for us to take a step back and re-evaluate our relationship with God, and learn how we can better love and serve Him and His people.

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