Friday, March 7, 2014

Quick takes! Lent and life

Happy Lent everyone!! (Can I say that?) Honestly, I love this liturgical season because of how much of a challenge it can be. I love that it forces me to deepen my relationship with Christ, something that I should be doing every single day, but unfortunately something that can get lost in the shuffle of life. This year, I decided to give up my snooze button. This allows me to get up earlier, and have some time for morning prayer. I and doing a 40 day Scripture challenge, finding a verse each day to live by. You can search #40dayrhemachallenge on Twitter or Instagram to follow along, or post and tag your own verses! I would love the company!

Another favorite part about lent? Two words: Fish Fry. I always feel bad because I love fried fish so much that I feel like it is not penitential enough for lent. But as a wise nun always explained to me, fasting doesn't have to be miserable! It just means that you are giving up something as an offering. So I guess I will enjoy my fish in peace ;)

On Ash Wednesday, all the employees got a little gift from Fr. David with a can of tuna and a Lenten prayer book. I love working for the Catholic church!

Photo: A little #ashwednesday gift. I really work for the best people! #capuchin #friars #lent #ashtag

I decided (well the Holy Spirit decided for me) that the "theme" of my Lent is Ezekiel 11:19-20. This is what Lent should be about: molding our hearts to be more like Christ's and learning to die to our selves. I thought this quote illustrated how I felt perfectly! I pray that the Lord breaks our hardness of hearts and gives us beating, thriving, alive hearts, burning with love for Him and for the whole world!

I decided that since I am really over the cold weather, the best way to combat that is to buy a new sweater! (See my logic here?) I got this at Kohl's on clearance. It is probably the softest sweater I have ever had the privilege of wearing. AND it has a huge pocket on the side. How fun is that? I also got two other tops, dress pants, and running shoes... but we will save those pictures for another day.

Sorry for the awkward selfie

I was looking through coupons the other day (yes, I am a coupon clipper) and saw one for the new Special K hot cereal bowls. I have actually been thinking about trying these, so I took that as a sign that I should go for it! For those of you who never heard of these, here is a description from the website:  "The unique multi-grain blend boasts quinoa, oats, wheat and barley — plus real fruit and crunchy nuts — for less than 200 calories"
Well that about does it for me this week! I'll just leave you with this, because it is awesome and so fun. Happy weekend!

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  1. The Holy Spirit has really been hitting me about moulding and changing my heart this Lent as well, so that's one thing I am also working on.

    1. Awesome, solidarity! I'll say a prayer for your lent :)