Friday, August 16, 2013

7 Quick takes {2}

I haven't done Quick Takes in a while, but I am hoping to get started up again!!

First of all, this is potentially going to be very difficult to type... my keyboard is wireless and will randomly stop working. I usually just pick it up and shake it and that usually does the trick :)

Yesterday was the Assumption of Mary! And since I resisted the urge to tell everyone my usual joke for that feast day, I'm going to have to do so now. It goes a little something like this: "You know what happens when you assume.... Mary goes into heaven!!"  I know, it's lame. But gets me every time!

Along the lines of yesterday being a major feast day in the Catholic Church --> I got the day off! One of the many perks of working for the Capuchin Friars is that I get off on major feast days such as the Assumption. I decided to spend my time wisely and drive an hour to Steubenville to see some of my lovely friends from Franciscan U. I got there on Wednesday night so we went out for dinner and drinks, and Thursday was spent going to mass and having wonderful, grace-filled conversations and seeing so many beautiful faces!
Me and two household sisters :)

Our church is undergoing renovations, and it has been decided that our tabernacle will be redone. So I had to take a picture of this gem, because the 70's 'wheel of fortune' will be no more! I'm kind of sad to see it go, but it's probably about time....bittersweet....
Note the wheat coming out like rays... I'm kind of weirdly fond of it...

Back-tracking a tad. While I was in Steubenville, I helped my friend Kimmy reorganize her room and also create a "Sacred space". It was a lot of fun and I wish I had taken a picture of the final product! It was a good reminder that we should have some place set aside for prayer. And now I'm inspired to do some re-designing of my own!
For those of you who want details of how to make your own: Basically, it consists of a table of some kind in your room (like an end table) or in this case, a small bookshelf that we put on its side. Then we draped a scarf over top of it (red for mercy) and placed a picture of Jesus, a rosary, and a candle on top of it. Then since the shelf was sideways, there were little cubbies underneath that we put other pictures and books in. It was quite lovely when it was finished!

I am going to Kennywood tonight (an amusement park) to watch my sister and the high school band play in the parade there. I used to work there for 3 years and have not gone back since because I was so done with the place. But this should be interesting. I am excited though to go and take pictures of her and watch her perform! She is a senior trumpet this year, and I am very proud of her.

If you have never watched the literal Harry Potter trailer on YouTube, YOU NEED TO. I guess only if you like Harry Potter though. But it is hilarious and I am not sure why I just thought of it. I plan to go watch it shortly after I post this. I could use a good laugh! And it will probably be more amusing to me than normal because I am all hyped up on allergy medicine....

Have a blessed day! Thanks for reading!

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