Tuesday, February 25, 2014

NAS: Masculinity

Who is a great example of masculinity in your life (father, brother, uncle, priest, etc)? 
What is it about them that you love?

Linking up with the NAS again!

Basically, I'm gonna let the men speak for themselves on this one. I had been talking to a guy off and on last year (hate using the phrase 'talking', but that applies here haha), and long story short, he started dating someone around the holidays. I really wasn't invested in this friendship at all because of how sporadic our conversations were, but nevertheless, it was still very kind of him to let me know he was dating someone and that was why he had stopped contacting me. To me, true masculinity encompasses  being honest and speaking truth to our worth and dignity as women. Someone who is able to protect our femininity.

I'll just leave you with part of what he sent to me. For privacy, I am not including his name or how I know him, but I hope that all women reading this will take his words to heart and know they are true for each of us.  

"You seem like a really great girl and I know you will find someone great if you just keep centered on your faith and pray about it, God will help you meet someone great! Don't ever doubt that either! You are awesome and a guy would be lucky to have you, so don't settle for less than someone who is a good Christian man who respects you and treats you right! And remember, the right guy will like you just how you are, and love that you're faith is so important to you because it will be important to him too. I wish you the best of luck though! Keep praying and God will help you meet someone :) " (emphasis added)

I honestly was floored by this. This man owed nothing to me, he could have just stopped talking to me and let me wonder what happened, like so many have done before. Instead though, he manned up and decided to be honest with me about the situation that had unfolded, and at the same time, encouraged me to keep strong in my faith and not to settle. I don't think he realized just how important these words were to me. I hope you are comforted and encouraged by them as well. Happy Tuesday!


  1. I like how you say masculinity protects femininity. I am also glad he contacted you so you weren't like "it is about me"

  2. What a gent to write to you and encourage you with those powerful words!

  3. Haha I totally dug your 'talking' line :) And how cool is it that he messaged you that! If only all guys did that!!