Tuesday, January 14, 2014

NAS- 2014

The Not Alone Series was on a holiday hiatus, so it is nice to be back blogging with Jen and Morgan and the gang!

This week's topic is:
In what ways can you grow/stretch RIGHT NOW that could affect the whole of 2014?
This topic is similar to the "resolution" posts or "word of the year" posts, but go in whatever direction you'd like! How do you plan to live 2014 in the best way possible?

I didn't really do a 2014 goal post, so this will kind of encompass all of those types of things :)

(1) I want to read more. And reallly read the things I am reading. I have gotten to the point where my brain is so active that I have a hard time really getting engrossed or captivated by the written word. Even books I want to read have a hard time keeping my focus. I am always thinking about anything and everything that I can't seem to quiet my mind enough to fill it with new things. I have the bad habit of skimming over paragraphs and not taking in what I am reading. I would like this to be the year where I finally write my book (or at least figure out what I am writing :p ), so my brain needs to develop more in this area and regain my ability to be quiet and focus. 

(2) With the above, I need to read the Bible more. During the period of my life where I was really struggling, reading the Bible was synonymous with breathing for me. It was a daily thing. I needed it. And now that my life is more stable, I have not been as dependent on it as I would like to be (or as I should be). I need to get back to making this a daily practice and learn to listen more to the Lord. 

(3) My "word of the year" seems to keep coming back to the word embrace. Embracing all of life's circumstances and especially, the emotions that come with them. I have the tendency to want to repress things like heartache or confusion or anger. Even sometimes my joy. I am trying to embrace those things and allow myself to feel them, but then learning to then give them over to the Lord and not dwelling on them. It has been interesting thus far, but very purifying and oddly freeing. 

Anyways, I am excited to read what everyone else has to say, and excited to be back with this series! Hope everyone has a great week! 


  1. Beautiful goals! I loved these!!

    I can really relate to the reading/skimming one...

  2. Embrace. So good. I feel like that captures the now... in every situation you are in. Embrace it. Good, bad, ugly, boring. Embrace, b/c God has you in that moment for a reason.

    Mmm... so good.

    1. Yes exactly! I like how concise you made that. And "God has you in that moment for a reason"..that is something I hadn't really been able to articulate either. Thanks :)

  3. The funny thing is just today I was reading an article about how our generation never takes the time to really read anymore but everything is skim and only understand the surface. We don't dive in anymore. Embrace, I cannot tell you how excited I am for that.