Thursday, January 2, 2014

A year in pictures

Since it is now officially two days past the new year, I am overdue for this post... but better late than never right? Here is my year 2013 in pictures! Some months might have more pictures than others just because sometimes exciting things happen at the same time. Enjoy :) 

Watching Gilmore Girls was a common occurrence at my house. We often curled up on snowy days (between classes of course :p ) with hot chocolate and the heated blanket.  

February had a huge snowstorm. This was one of my favorite days: we couldn't go to class so naturally, we went outside and went to McDonalds and watched movies :) 

My Steubenville mission team. This was one of the best experiences. We did mission in our own city of Stuebenville, which is one of the most broken places I've seen. It was so beautiful and God really worked miracles.

I officially became adviser to Daughter's of Zion household. If you aren't familiar with households, they are kind of like Catholic sororities and fraternities. Each has various prayer commitments and different saints that they look to for guidance. Being adviser means I get to help this beautiful household to grow and offer my guidance and experience from being in my own household. It is such a blessing!

On my birthday, May 18th, I went to a meet and greet with the Pirates and met JORDY MERCER! He is my favorite. What a great gift <3 nbsp="" td="">
Me with two of my dearest friends. They are my little sisters in my own household, Regina Angelorum. This is one of my favorite pictures! I just started my new job in May, but went back to Steubenville to visit for a end of the school-year 'party'. Also you should check out this guys photos. He is awesome :) 

I went Strawberry picking with my family! It was so much fun. You can see more pictures I took from that day here.

We took a long weekend trip to Washington DC! It was awesome to have the whole family there. Again, shameless plug, check out my photos on my website ;)  

We went to Cleveland to visit my Aunt and Uncle, and then we went to the Fest! It is a gathering of Christian artists, food, fun, and friends of course. We saw For King and Country, Casting Crowns, Matt Maher, and some other musicians. And I ran into my friend Megan!
September, Daughter's of Zion had their first Lord's Day! 

I ran my first 5K ever! I started running over the summer and was able to do the color run. It was amazing. I highly recommend it to anyone, even if you aren't a runner! 
Two of my best friends came in from Connecticut, and we went to the hofbrahaus. It was definitely one of my favorite nights, just spending time with them and drinking good beer...moderately of course ;)

We saw the Magic Flute in Pittsburgh. It was excellent.

I chopped my hair! I always like donating to Locks for Love. And it is nice to have a new look every once and a while. 
Rang in 2014 with my three best friends from high school. Great way to end a great year :) 


  1. I love that I am in three of these pictures. Nothing more I need to say.

    1. haha Nat I love you. And also you are technically in 4: the gilmore girls one are your legs haha :)

  2. Natalie is so cocky. Also, this post is great! It is so good to appreciate the year and see how much you did. Alsooooo, I miss you and really wanna catch up soon. I guess same goes for Natalie. I guess.

    1. haha erskine I love you!!! Yes we need to catch up soon!!