Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A depiction of my day...

Today is my little sisters birthday. Rachel turns 12 today! This morning, I was meandering around the kitchen making coffee at around 6:15 when my dad stumbles downstairs. He starting preheating the oven and told me that mom wanted him to make Cinnamon Rolls for Rachel's birthday.

A few minutes later, he started waking the kids up for school saying, "Happy Bunch's birthday!" (We call Rachel "Bunch"... there is a long story there somewhere...). As soon as he says this he quickly looks over at me and says,
"Wait, it is Bunch's birthday, right?" 
"Yes dad, that is why you made the Cinnamon Rolls"  
"Oh....right.... coffee..."
Needless to say, this made my morning. But I am also greatly relating to this early morning sentiment as I am enduring the crash hours of the day.

I've already had two cups of coffee. Now currently consuming a bottle of Coke.

A fun little bakery opened up down the street and today was free doughnut day! You were allowed to take two! (They were minis, in case anyone was wondering, I did not eat two giant doughnuts!) This one was absolutely adorable though. It was an Oreo doughnut with EDIBLE GLITTER on top! I didn't know that was a thing until I went in this store and they had bon-bons completely covered in glitter. Anyways, I thought it was cool.

Tired eyes.
Anyways, I know you all wanted my stream of conscious thoughts. I decided though that my family should be on a reality show, so you might be reading some more hilarious/embarrassing/real-life-crazy stories from my abode.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Tuesday :) 


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