Friday, February 7, 2014

Quick Takes {4}

On Sunday night, my parents came back from a 5 day trip to California. I had to be in charge of my siblings while they were gone, and I was quite relieved when they got home! Being a "single mother" to my 6 siblings was no easy task, especially since I'm not actually their mom haha. Between taking the kids to their practices, watching their games, helping with homework, and getting them on the bus in the morning, I was sooo happy when Mom and Dad got home. It was definitely good practice for motherhood one day, but the difference (hopefully) is that I will have a husband to help me!

Tuesday night, I saw Wicked with my mom and my sisters! It was so amazing! I was a little nervous that I was going to be disappointing because I am such a fan of the original Broadway cast, but the Pittsburgh crew most definitely exceeded my expectations. SO much that I was moved to tears at more than one point. I hope to see it again and again! 
My sister and I acting out the picture...except I forgot I was supposed to be smirking.. ;)

I recently bought Thin Mint coffee creamer, and my mornings just became a little more exciting. Now if only I could relax and enjoy the coffee instead of chugging it down while getting ready for work...

I don't really know what this is, but it looked fun. I think it is saying that it is delicious. 

While we are on the topic of Girl Scouts, I know a lot of people are boycotting them because of all their work with planned parenthood and how the organization is teaching girls things that are questionable by Christian standards. I have been conflicted about this I have been in Girl Scouts all my life and my sisters are as well. Just because the organization is going down the tubes doesn't necessarily mean that each troop is following suit. My mom is a Girl Scout leader at my sisters' Catholic elementary school, and when talking to her about this, she said that "Isn't it better to stay in the organization and try to teach your girls morals and values then boycott it completely and let someone else guide them who may not have those same values?"

Well played mom, well played.

As annoyed as I am getting with the snow and the cold, I am hoping to get out and shoot some winter landscapes this weekend, so that is one positive thing that this weather has going for it. It makes for a some beautiful photos! I have a new lens and some filters that I want to experiment with, so I am looking forward to getting out there and creating.

I don't know why, but I decided a few days ago that I really want to ride a Hot Air Balloon. I'm not really sure what prompted this feeling, but it is now one of my goals in life. Maybe I got the idea from an article about 10 romantic date ideas... but either way, now I really want to do it. This is a little abnormal for me because I am not the most adventurous person you'll ever meet, but there is just something about floating in the air in a basket tied to a balloon that sounds incredibly intriguing...

I found some healthy, energizing snacks that I really want to try making. They look so delicious! Definitely check out this link if you need some great ideas. I'll be sure to put something on the blog if I make any of them!

Happy weekend!

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