Thursday, February 13, 2014

TBT: Medugorje

I know that the Church hasn't declared Medj to be a legit apparition site, and I know that many faithful Catholics have differing opinions on the subject, but I for one am a believer. Unless proven otherwise. I had a beautiful experience visiting the apparition sites and meeting one of the visionaries, and I truly felt Our Lady's presence among those mountains. But I'm not here to write a dissertation on whether its legitimate. I'm here for a photo/memory dump! So without further ado, here is:

We stayed at a pilgrimage site called the castle, which is run by a beautiful couple, Nancy and Patrick, who sold all that they had and moved to Medj in order to create a place for pilgrims to stay, and to spread the messages that Our Lady gives here. Nancy reminded me SO much of my late grandmother, so I was very comforted by her presence and often would help her in the kitchen preparing our meals.
It really did look like a castle :) 
My friend Caitlin and I with the castle in the bg.

Ivanka, one of the visionaries, in the green shirt!!
At the top of apparition hill! Where Mary appeared
Top of cross mountain 
The amazing view! 
Just being artsy :)
Me... obviously... great view in the background!
Statue of the Resurrected Christ that leaks human tears from the right knee. They actually tested the properties of the liquid and found it to be same make-up as is found in tears! So cool!
We stopped in Split (Croatia?) on the way back. Beautiful little place.

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